J.J.Broch, S.L

Model CEPI-B - Garlic Brusher



Intensive cleaning of garlic bulbs before grading and storing. Remove the soil, external dry peals and any other parts using rotative brushers without damage the garlic bulbs.

  • Width (cm) 125
  • Length (cm) 371
  • Number of brushes 22
  • Brushes width (cm) 100
  • Power (CV) 2
  • Weight (kg) 650
  • Performance (kg/h) 10.000

  • 3m brushing up and down remove efficiently the soil and the external brown peals.
  • High working capactiy due to XL width.
  • Two top brushing sheets with double regulation adjust the brushing strength.
  • Easy Double regulation of top brushing sheets.
  • The specific synthetic filaments brushers provide excellent rotation to ensure thorough cleaning of garlic bulbs.
  • The final screen separates the rest of soil and avoids getting it into container.

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