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Model CGP6 - Combination Garden Package - 6 Shank



Build Rows. Cultivate Crop. Dig Potatoes. Lay By Crop. Pull Dirt To The Crop.

Simple: It is not necessary to remove the shank holders, just loosen the set screws and insert the Disc Hillers or Plow Points. The shank holders can be left on the Toolbar. The Middle Buster or the Potato Plow is the only item that must be installed.

Cultivator: The Toolbar is constructed of heavy 2' square tubing, and is 60' long. The Shanks (6) are adjustable 1' x 16' solid stiff shanks with 4', 6', and 8' plows. The Toolbar is primed and painted brilliant red.

Disc Hillers: Often called Row Builders, these (two) 14' Smooth Blade Garden Line Hillers have greaseable bushings with shank holders and u-bolts.

Middle Buster: Sometimes called a Potato Plow. This Middle Buster features a 12' point designed for digging potatoes or simply using it to open a trench for water drainage. (Sure beats a shovel).

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