Chain Conveyor



The DAMAS chain conveyor is designed for horizontal conveyance of grain, if a closed, dustfree conveyance or if many outlets are required.The chain conveyor can be placed in connection with an intake hopper on top of the conveyor or as side inlet. The chain conveyor is made in an industrial and sturdy design, resulting in minimum maintenance and problem-free operation.

The simple and modular design makes it easy to supply the chain conveyor in the versions required for a specific task.

The standard chain conveyor is made of galvanized steel, but is also available in a painted version or made of stainless steel.

Driving section

  • Overflow slide fitted on the top side or end outlet with sensor.
  • Driving mechanism with hollow shaft with worm reduction gear motor and torque support.

Intermediate sections

  • Exchangeable wear reinforcement of artificial material at the bottom and guide rail for scraper chain.

Scraper chain

  • Scraper chain with turned-in scrapers.
  • The chain conveyor is self-emptying via a suitable number of scrapers of synthetic material on the chain.

Tension section

  • Tension device via spindles

Extra accessories

  • Speed controller
  • Outlet slide, operated by hand, air, or motor.
Conveyance of material
Up to 200 t/h

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