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Redlers Chain Conveyors



The chain conveyor is a mechanical transport equipment that is designed for transporting grain and bulk products horizontally or to 15 ° inclination. Chain conveyors consist of driving station, extending station, middle tray and chain. The scoops attached to the chain transport grain or bulk materials in the tray in the form of dense flow. Driving and extending station are bolted constructions, made of galvanized steel with thickness 3 mm. The operation is driven by using a motor-reducer and clutch.

Middle trays are manufactured from galvanized steel with a thickness of 3 mm of bolt connection with a standard length of 2000mm. In the their both ends there are supporting frameworks and camps. The chain is a high-performance, heat-treated, fitted with side plates of 10 mm ultra-high molecular polyethylene UHWM PE 1000. With this durable material to prevent metal to metal friction, keeps the integrity of the grain, reduces noise and extends the life of this machine. The company produces and chain conveyors of black sheets.

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