- Model 2500 Series - Chisel Plough



Where soil compaction has become a problem, the 2500 series is the clear choice. Best used post-harvest, shattering the hard pan to depths up to 30cm, while opening up the soil surface can deliver significant benefits in terms improved water infiltration and nutrient management. The 2500 Series Chisel Plough is designed to shatter compaction down to 200-250 mm and to open up hard soils for increased moisture absorption.

Top Features:

  • RIGID OR FLEX fold frame design
  • Choice of  Chisel Flow (295kg) OR Edge-On (454kg) Shanks
  • 295 Kg OR 454 Kg
  • Twisted Points
  • Single Point Depth Control
  • 304 mm Shank Spacing
  • Cat V Hitch
  • Floating or Level Lift Hitch Options

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