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- Slurry Tanker



The MAJOR Challenger Tanker is a fresh approach to tandem axle tankers. Using a heavy duty industrial strength bogey axle assembly, the front axle can be lifted by hydraulic control.  This allows the operator to turn tighter corners on the headlands or in the yard and eliminates damage to soil structure, ground conditions and tyres. The axle lift also acts as a weight transfer mechanism to the tractor and  aids traction. When the tank is full, the drawbar weight can be increased from 3.3 tonne to 4.7 tonne when the lift mechanism is activated. This machine features a host of standard equipment including a swivel hitch and lockable pipe brackets.  As with the LGP range the Challenger series is easily customised with a range of optional extras.  The Challenger tanker is fitted with filler points on each side of tanker and two on the rear.  The hydraulic pump drive and lift axle maintain vacuum pressure.

Two Pack Paint Finish

Two pack paint finish - for long life finish

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