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- Model 500C Series - Combine Headers


As farms have grown, so have the demands on the grower and their machines. It’s not enough to just get the job done. In this multi-billion dollar industry, it’s all about getting the job done faster and more efficiently.

Well, there’s good news on that front. We designed the Challenger 500C Series combines to conquer the most

demanding ag environments on earth. Delivering more capacity and more productivity per acre. Our newly redesigned processor helps you tackle the toughest, tightest havest conditions. Giving you longer days and more out of them. Challenger® offers a versatile line-up of headers – each one designed and built to deliver unrivaled reliability with easy maintenance under the toughest crop conditions. CH Series Corn Heads FHB Series Flex Headers. RHB Series Rigid Auger Headers. PH Series Pickup Headers. FDH Series Draper Headers.

CH Series Corn Heads

Equipped with extra-long polyethylene dividers that feature a 21.5-degree, low-profile entry angle, Challenger CH corn heads offer easier gathering while reducing crop loss. Fluted snapping rolls, with six reversible edges each, aggressively guide the stalk through the gathering units, while shredding material for a clean, uniform appearance. A 16-inch diameter adjustable auger ensures equally smooth delivery to the feederhouse. Electrically adjusted stripper plates, which are standard on all models, can be adjusted from the cab to match a change in yield or ear size.

Available in 6-row (30- and 36-inch), 8-row (30-, 36- and 38-inch) and 12-row (20-, 22- and 30-inch) configurations, CH corn heads have both the size and capacity to harvest big fields quickly and effortlessly.

RHB and FHB Series Auger Headers

Whether you need the ground-hugging capabilities of an FHB Series flex header or the solid performance of an RHB Series rigid header, there’s a Challenger model to fit your application. Choose the size that fits your operation, from 20 ft (6.0 m) up to the 35 ft (10.6 m) large models for really big jobs, Challenger has the size you need.

PH Series Pickup Headers

Challenger® PH Series pickup headers offer a cost-effective way to gather windrowed crops on their own merits. But we also offer a number of options to further improve productivity in differing applications. Select either the 13 ft. (3.9 m) or 15 ft. (4.5 m) model and take your choice of a 14 ft. (4.2 m) or 16 ft. (4.8 m) Swathmaster attachment, which features a conventional design with plastic teeth, or a rake-type pickup attachment that sweeps the crop in at an angle. With either option, a 24” (610 mm) diameter floating conveyor auger ensures a smooth flow of material from the pickup attachment to the feeder housing.

FDH DynaFlex Draper Headers

Introducing the best of both worlds—flexible cutterbar on a draper header. Available in 25, 30, 35 and 40 foot widths, the 9250 DynaFlex header increases cutting, conveying and feeding performance in soybeans and small grains. This results in increased productivity and performance of Challenger combines.

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