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KEMPER rotary crop headers offer uncompromising clear cut across the full working width and the safe crop guidance means that all plants are only cut once. There will be no double cut. This proven technology for over more than 20 years allows the universal use e.g. in broadcast sown crops, dual rows and rows with different widths with different crops such as sorghum, sunflower, rape seed, whole crop silage and elephant grass.

KEMPER 300 Series Header: The headers of the 300 series operate in an open cut mode. Fast and uncompromising. Up to 10 cutting rotor blades enable operation regardless of the distance between rows and over a wide range of crops. The row independent cutting technology makes it possible to operate in the field from any direction - particularly important when harvesting laid crops.

Even crop intake, lengthwise to the main chopping unit and clean gathering with the two angled, step type intake drums across the entire channel width ensures maximum use of the harvester's engine power and delivers maximum productivity, while producing optimum chop quality.

KEMPER 390plus Header:

    Low angled feeding drums
  • Active feeding on the bottom of the crop flow also in difficult conditions
  • More space for large amounts of crop (fits for cutter heads up to 1m)
    Due to new design all potential blocking points are eliminated
  • Scrapers attachments outside the crop flow
  • Crop flow 'transmission' supports the stream from both sides
    Short and compact design
  • Low weight due to modern materials
  • Less axle loads and less counterweights needed
  • Reduces soil compaction
  • Greater maneuverability

KEMPER 445 Header: Operating in open cut mode (without return cut) the high-speed cutting rotors cut stemmed crops across the entire width of the implement. Proven in practical application for more than 20 years, this unique technology makes possible universal application - whether in broadcast, cultivated in double rows or at different row intervals, and with crops as different as sorghum, sunflower, oilseed rape, whole crop silage and pampas-grass. The intake system ensures a central steam of crop towards the pre-compression rollers and the main chopping unit, so the entire cutterhead width and the corn cracker rollers can be utilized evenly, ensuring maximum productivity with maximum chop quality.

The simple, practical design of the rotary intake system, consisting of four intake and two transport drums, ensures that service and maintenance work is kept to a minimum. There are no wear components such as chains.

KEMPER 460 Header: The 460 header operates in an open cut mode. Fast and uncompromising. The four equal sized cutting rotor blades enable operation regardless of the distance between rows and over a wide range of crops

When harvesting maize over 4.00 meters, odd row width for example 38 inch (=96.5 cm), thin stemmed crops and extreme down crops, the 460 shows its real ability.

The big gatherer drums ensure almost loss free feeding. Plants take the direct way towards the feed rollers of the forage harvester.

KEMPER 475 Header: Developed for high-yield corn crops with plant heights of over 4.0 m and all row spacing such as 38 inches (96.5 cm) or wide crop corn. The new 475 has been created by integrating two small drums to the outer side of the 460 without unnecessarily diverting the material flow. The two small drums rotating outwards are the secret to a continuous and optimal crop flow to the large feed drums. They ensure that the corn crop is fed directly to the feed rolls of the SPFH with virtually no loss. The two angled, step type intake drums form the corn into a perfect bundle and transport the crop in longitudinal direction to the SPFH chopping unit. The unique design of the outer crop dividers means that no mechanical crop dividers are needed even in the most difficult conditions

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