- Model 9-PT-FT - Fertilizer/Lime Spreader


The Chandler Fertilizer and Lime spreader is a durable, heavy duty and well designed unit to give long lasting, trouble-free service. The design and construction go far beyond present standards and are striving for a lime or fertilizer spreader to meet the quality our customers demand. The superior design and construction, its low initial cost, its efficiency and ease of operation and economical maintenance make it the preferred spreader throughout the agri-business industry.

The Chandler 'FT' unit is available in (3) models:

  • 'FT-CSW—Standard duty carbon steel with stainless steel at critical corrosion points.
  • 'FT-409'—Stainless steel construction
  • 'FT-304'—Stainless steel construction

  • Conveyor Type: 1' x 1' mesh type, heavy duty type 304 stainless steel conveyor chain—16' wide. (Also available In other widths.) (Bar style chains and neoprene belts of various widths also available on special order.) 
  • Conveyor Drive:  Conveyor Is driven by press wheel, engaged and disengaged with handle located at front ot spreader unit. (Optional hydraulic cylinder available to engage and disengage press wheel from tractor.)
  • Metering Gate: Double rack and pinion operated. Metering gate, gate slides and gate turn pipe mtd. from type 304 stainless steel. Note: Many competitors utilize a screw jack to raise and lower metering gate.
  • Conveyor Rates: Utilize two sets of sprockets—low to medium and medium to high application rate from 75 lbs. to 4000 lbs. per acre. Unit, unlike many competitors models, utilizes same roller chain for both application rates and can be changed simply by loosening nut on Idler assembly and moving chain.
  • Material Divider: Specifically engineered 'Screw Type' adjustable material divider tor proper material placement on spinners to insure uniform spread pattern at all application rates. (Screw rod and material divider mfd. of type 304 stainless steel.)
  • Conveyor Rollers: Front and rear rollers mfd. from ASTM-36 plate steel. (Most competitors use cast iron.) Front and rear rollers have 154' diameter shafts with Vff flange type bearings.

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