- Large Dry Powder Applicator



To obtain the best use of your treatments, you need to treat the seed as close to planting as possible. The CT Large Dry Applicator does just that. Our patented CT Large Dry Applicator will meter talc, inoculants, graphite, nitrogen stabilizers and dry powder fertilizer ingredients. This applicator can be used for large seed treatment jobs or installed in large facilities for mixing and measuring ingredients. The CT Large Dry Applicator allows seeds or fertilizer to be evenly coated.

  • 110 volt hands free system
  • stainless steel cone: 21 gallons
  • 5 screens for multiple dry products
  • waterproof variable speed control
  • agitator arm keeps product from bridging
  • rubber sweeper to keep product clean on funnel
  • lid to keep product dry and in cone
  • works well to apply dry fertilizer powders to prilled  fertilizer
  • can be used with any seed delivery system

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