- Standard Dry Powder Applicator



The CT Dry Applicator can mount above an auger or conveyor and treats seeds just before they are planted. Seeds will be evenly coated as they travel to the planting device. This system can also be set up to treat seed ahead of planting time.

  • 12 volt hands free system
  • stainless steel cone: 4.7 gallons  (approx. 40-50 lbs. talc)
  • 5 screens for multiple dry products
  • waterproof variable speed control
  • agitator arm keeps product from bridging
  • rubber sweeper to keep product clean on  funnel
  • rubberized motor to prevent sparks
  • lid to keep product dry and in cone
  • allows farmers to apply products needed  at time of planting
  • can be used with any seed delivery system
  • saves farmers labor, time, and money

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