Great Dane

- Model LX - Ride-On Mowers


The Chariot and Chariot LX range of ride-on mowers offers cutting widths from 48' to 72' and a low centre of gravity to hug rolling terrain. They come in a range of engine options from 17 to 28hp and like all Great Dane mowers can be converted to run on Calor LPG for increased economy and clean-burning. The cutting height can be easily adjusted from ½' to 5' without any tools and the cutters 'float' to provide a manicured look with less scalping.

The Chariot '09 Model has been redesigned to mow and mulch better than ever. Available with a 48', 52' or 61' deck, this Chariot features dual fuel tanks, foot assist height-of-cut adjustment and over-the-lap controls. There is a choice of 19, 23 or 25 hp engines and the height-of-cut can be adjusted from 1' to 4½'.

Running for 40 hours for around £20, these models are some of the most productive and economic running riders available. Their zero-turn capabilities make them ideal for working in you never cut the same piece twice, saving fuel and time.

You can steer out of the toughest corner. Whether it be on small panel work, between caravans, around tree plantations or any obstacle course your customer throws at you, with zero turn you keep on the grass. You never need to foul footpaths or borders and if you keep them clean you save money on clearing up. Zero turn will increase your cutting capability by a minimum of 50% in tight areas, probably saving you £50 per day in labour alone. 'You don't get paid to cut the same piece of grass twice'

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