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Based on the multi-award winning Crop Transfer Trailer, the Chaser Trailer features the Larrington Ejector ram system, sealed sliding floor and headboard, and a formed crop discharge chute at the rear; making it perfect for use with a variety of crops including Sugarbeet, Grain, Maize, Potatoes, Carrots, Peas, and lots more.

Use It All Year Round !
The sugarbeet season is long, from September through to the end of February, but the chaser trailer can be used the whole year round. Seed potatoes from farm to drill. Load peas directly into a lorry. Move grain from the combine in to a waiting lorry or trailer And then you're back to sugarbeet. With all year-round use, it start to make you consider what else this trailer can do for you.

Be More Efficient, Be More Productive.
The Larrington Chaser Trailer is faster, quicker and cheaper than a conventional chaser bin. With no auger to limit the flow, you just push and within one minute 20+ tonnes are moved in to the vehicle on the headland, making the journey from field to store all the more efficient. This in turn saves you valuable time and money.

Full Control At Your Fingertips.
The Chaser Trailer comes with an easy to use control box, which is fitted in the tractor cab. Giving the driver complete control over the ejector system. This allows softer crops (such as carrots and potatoes) to be unloaded slowly and gently, greatly reducing the damage to your crops.

See Everything, Miss Nothing.
With 2 cameras fitted as standard, one at the rear of the trailer, and another in the bottom of the taildoor, you will be able to see exactly what is coming out the back of the Chaser Trailer and where it is being placed.

Rear Approach Sensors.
Now also fitted as standard, the Chaser Trailer come with approach sensors which like reversing sensors in a car will help you while approaching commercial lorries before transferring your crop over. All in aid of making it a safer, quicker and trouble-free transfer from the trailer to the lorry.

Form The Perfect 'Mouse Heap'.
By Ejecting Sugarbeet at 90° the Chaser can heap sugarbeet up to 3m high, with a 9m wide trail, while leaving NO WHEEL RUTS for the sugarbeet to fall in to. This means no sugarbeet is 'lost' in the wheelings, while making lifting easier and cleaner; reducing contamination onthe field headland.

Keep The Mud In The Field.
The idea of transfering crops is directly related to the reduction of soil down the road; a danger that all farmers and contractors must aim to reduce as the general public and police are not going to let you get away with it any longer, clean road use is a must for the future.

Not Just A Chaser Bin.
Unlike a regular chaser bin which spends the vast majority of the year sitting idle, the Chaser Trailer doubles up as an Ejector (Push-Off) Trailer when it isn't used as a chaser Trailer.

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