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- Model 21 - Premium Humic & Organic Acid


Amino 21’s primary function is root growth stimulation. The larger the root system, the better the potential of nutrient uptake. Phosphates are immobile but are essential early in the growth cycle. Amino 21 mixes with liquid NPK and micro-nutrient fertilizers providing for ease of application. Amino 21 helps grow larger root systems, earlier. Amino 21 is an excellent choice for mixing into liquid NPK and micronutrient products. “Bio-Factors” is a term used to describe a wide variety of biologically produced compounds that are not ‘essential’ to plant growth, but definitely stimulate plant growth. These compounds are found in a plant’s rhizosphere produced by the crop itself, by micro-organisms living there and in all types of bio-fertilizers and composts.

  • Permanent Crops: Apply 1-5 gallons per acre at planting and/or spring or fall root flush.
  • Row Crops: Use in-furrow, with seed if possible. Side dress and banding applications are also effective.
  • Apply Amino 21 with 1-5 gallons per acre of Bio-SB.

  • Aids Root Growth
  • Easy to Use
  • Concentrated

  • Mixes easily with fertilizers to save application time and cost
  • Maximizes efficacy of applied product without the bulk of traditional organic matter sources
  • Maximizes crop’s ability to absorb nutrients through increased root surface to soil contact

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