Chemical Continuous Treater



The PETKUS Chemical Continuous Treater is used for chemically treating seed with pesticides. It is used mainly for grain and the seed dressing agent is applied on the grain in one layer in a continuous flow. Several seed dressing agents can be dosed at the same time.

  • Continuous, reliable operation
  • high throughput performance
  • Simple operation and handling
  • Closed model
  • Continuous, even dosing of seed
  • Precision dosing of seed dressing agent
  • Can be equipped with several pumps
  • The primary distribution is rotationally symmetric
  • Extremely fine spraying of the seed dressing agent through a spraying disc, no danger of clogging
  • Even distribution of the seed dressing agent on the grain in the secondary paddle mixing unit
  • Avoids poor seed treatment with the integrated automatic control unit

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