- Model HN55 - Injector


HN55-Chemilizer Injector can be used with a wide range of chemicals and fertilizers to reduce your cost, HN55-Chemilizer Injector is designed as a two-part system comprised of a non-electric water motor and chemical pump. The non-electric water motor functions on demand with water flow. No chemicals enter the water motor. A fixed diaphragm replaces a moving piston used by our competitor as the driving mechanism of the water motor. Inserted into the bottom of the water motor is a positive displacement chemical pump,

HN55-Chemilizer Injector provides consistent accuracy longer. The superior product design uses a more chemical durable rubber diaphragm instead of a plastic piston. As a result, HN55-Chemilizer Injector is built to last with higher product reliability and longer lifetime as a result of field-proven designs and quality dedication. Grower's Solution is so confident of HN55-Chemilizer Injector injectors that we provide the best, most comprehensive 2 year warranty in the industry.

Installation kits and non-electric injectors make HP55-Chemilizer Injector is an easy-to-set-up product.HP55-Chemilizer Injector is also easier to maintain with its two-part system that allows for easy removal and maintenance.

  • Chemical flow 1:100, 2:100, 1:128, 2:128, 1:250

  • Pressure 2 PSI to 80 PSI, 1.38 BAR - 5.51 BAR

  • Min/Max flow 1-720 GPH (.167-12 GPM)

  • Size 11' x 8 1/2' x 10' (H x W x D)

  • Weight 6 3/4 lbs

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