UNI-MASZ H.M. Juszczuk Sp.j.

Cherry De-Stalker



Unit for taking off the stalks from the fresh cherries. Fruits have to be evenly charged on whole work width of the initial batch from where are transported in direction of rollers covered with rubber which are rotating backwards. On the strength of specially shaped knifes which are moving forward-backward and rotation of berries, all stalks and leafs are removed from the product. Rollers are supported on plastic bearings and powered one-sided by the special motoreductor. Set of nozzles sprinklering product is mounted under the rollers as well as a set of movable knifes which is moving forward-backward. Removed stalks and leafs are falling down with the water to dripping bath mounted on the bottom. Water wrhich is powrering unit also cools down motoreductor and also moves and sprinklers processed product.

  • Capacity.....................................(600 - 2500) kg/h. depends on work width
  • Capacity regulation by roller set lean angle.
  • Dimensions ....length, x width x height - weight ....(2400 x 1200 x 1100 ) - 400 kg
  • Power supply ...N=2,8 kW ;50Hzf -380VAC

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