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- Model CD - Mixed Flow Grain Dryer


CHIEF UK has developed the CD range of continuous mixed flow grain dryers, combining Chief's engineering excellence and close consultation with our wide ranging customer base to identify and incorporate the following key design requirements.

airflow: consistent uniform airflow is critical to producing good drying results. Chief dryers have the largest hot air and exhaust plenums available. This ensures an even temperature across the dryer, and our
special two part drying laterals ensure equalised pressure across the width of the drying column.
longevity: only the highest quality British galvanised steel is used. The dryers are of a completely bolted construction ensuring any maintenance is trouble free. The dryer structure is clad in plastisol galvanised sheeting, guaranteed for 25 years.
reliability: we only use internationally renowned suppliers of burners, compressors, motors and electrical components. Specific customer preferences can also be considered.
ease of operation: via our standard Schnieder (Siemens optional) touch screen PLC control panel the operation of the dryer has been visualised as much as possible. Each panel is individually programmed and tested prior to despatch.We have worldwide multilingual dryer commissioning engineers available whenever an operator may require assistance.We can also provide remote troubleshooting via a modem if applicable.
accessibility: the CD dryer design offers minimal cleaning and maintenance due to its ‘clean’ design inside and out. Wherever possible key components such as burners, pneumatics and fans are located in safe convenient positions. Internal inspection platforms are also offered, in addition to the standard external ladders and platforms.
environmental impact: from the outset our dryer team will take into consideration your specific locality and environmental concerns, be it height, noise, dust, colour or air quality. If required we have the experience and knowledge to liaise, on your behalf, with any local authorities who may be concerned with the impact of installing a new dryer.

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