Chimneys Fans for Livestock House Climate



DACS A/S has developed a new roof fan chimney. The new system reduces transport costs by 80 % and offers significant savings on installation costs. Each chimney consists of four panels, each panel 1,15 meter long (3.8ft). The chimney is assembled fast and easily using a specially designed push-in bolt and nut. One standard pallet holds 100 panels, equivalent to 28,75 linear meters (95ft) of complete chimney shaft Ø760mm (30”).

Monocoque panel chimneys

The new panels developed by DACS has made it much easier to build and install chimneys for pig and poultry houses, and the modular construction makes it possible to assemble chimneys of virtually indefinite lengths.

The assembled unit is so strong it will carry its own weight to lengths in excess of 10 meters (35 ft), and it installs without additional supports, simply by screwing it straight into the roof construction. The chimney is made of ABS, renowned for its strength and impact resistance and commonly used for truck bumpers, golf clubs, and similar high stress applications.

High insulation value

During the injection molding process, nitrogen is injected into the uncured ABS, and the core of the panel expands into a foam. This production technique gives a panel with a surface boasting superior hardness and chemical resistance, and an inner core with thermal insulation properties equal to or better than expanded polyurethane.

The result is a chimney with excellent thermal properties, suitable for use in ambient temperatures ranging from -40˚C to +60˚C (-40˚F to +140˚F).The heat conductivity of the material is k = 0,06-0,07 W/m 8K (equivalent to cork). In comparison, mineral wool has a heat conductivity of 0,045 W/m 8K.

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