Chokeberry Harvester



One of theversionsproducedthe harvesteris used as ARONIC tothe applepickingberries/aronia berries. Itis thenfittedwith appropriatelymodifiedslidesforshrubs anda shakerthat hasa higher frequency.

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The Harvester also belongs to the so-called Half tern, that is, that he plucks from only one side of the row while driving fruits. His drive, you should have a tractor of at least 20 kW of power and a slow operating speed as possible.

Picking the recommended speed is from 0.4 to 1.5 km / h, depends on the quantity of the harvested crops. The harvesting efficiency, which depends both on the way as well as the organization of the fruit discharge is, in principle, 0.08 to 0.20 ha / h It should be emphasized that the harvest of cranberries is considerably larger than the currants and therefore you have to drive slower. The accuracy of the harvest depends primarily on the size of the bushes and on the duction method.

One should avoid the spread of shrubs. Their optimum height should be from 1.0 to 1.8 meters. In good conditions, the accuracy is almost 98% of the crop and the amount of dirty or damaged fruit is not more than 1%.

The adjustment of the oscillation frequency of the shaker, the speed of the conveyor belts and the efficiency of a cleaning fan step-free with the help of a hydraulic valve. It has been adequately increased in order to secure the large planting and harvest of the charging capacity of the conveyor.

The basic version of the harvester is equipped with a three-stage regulating light width. In connection with this, it is possible to regulate the distribution of elements and from any shaking off elements (sun) to reduce very low. So you can pick fruit from both very low and of high bushes. You do not need any additional elements such as rails or adapters.

Relatively high altitude debris basket of the conveyor belt facilitated the collection of fruit boxes and allows the harvester to harvest easily adapt to large boxes.

Planting requirements

A planting that can be picked with the help of the harvester should be level (maximum 5% slope), stone-free, without ridges and depressions. From both sides should be at least 8 feet Ramblings leave (4-6 meters in the case of hydraulically steered wheels) so that you can contact with the Harvester. The distance between rows should be at least 4 meters between the individual and shrubs max. Be 0.5 meters. The shrubs should have a 'V' shape in order to avoid crossing or located across drives.

  • Transport Length: 4,80m
  • Working length: 5,80m
  • Width: 2,25m
  • Height: 1,96m
  • Weight: 1450 kg
  • Power: 0,08 - 0,2 ha/h

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