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The Chore-Time DOSFLOW Sow Drop Feeder accurately dispenses a pre-determined amount of feed multiple times per day to individual sows. Using the DOSFLOW Feeder to provide smaller doses of feed more frequently keeps food fresh and helps to enhance milk production for nursing sows. The feeder works in conjunction with many of Chore-Time’s innovative feed delivery systems.

Designed for Optimized Feeding Solution

  • Totally-enclosed system helps keep feed fresh while eliminating the feed waste and labor of hand- or self-feeding systems and feed carts.
  • Feeders are durable, corrosion-free, units molded from ultraviolet-resistant materials for longer life.
  • Designed for balanced feed flow.
  • Translucent feeder body provides quick visual check of its contents.

Maintains Accurate, Reliable Feed Volume

  • Accurately disperses a pre-determined amount of feed multiple times per day to individual sows.
  • Center drop mount provides accuracy in feed dosage volume.
  • Feeder clamps to feed conveyor line and can be mounted perpendicular or parallel to the feed line.
  • Feeder’s hinged bottom permits easy clean-out.

Minimizes Feed Waste

  • Graduated easy-to-read feed level adjustment aids feeding individual amounts from one to 10 pounds (.5 to 4.5 kg) for pellet or mash feeds.
  • Self-closing teardrop-shaped ball valve aids smooth feed flow and gives positive shut-off.

Easily Adaptable

  • Readily adapts to the popular Chore-Time Feed Conveying Systems used to serve sow housing facilities of nearly any length and arrangement.
  • One feeder accommodates both the Chore-Time FLEX-AUGER Model 55 and Model 75 Feed Delivery Systems as well as Chore-Time’s MULTIFLO Closed Loop Auger System and Chore-Time’s Chain Disc Feed Delivery System.

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