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The popular Chore-Time Dry Feeders are outstanding feed management tools for feeding simplicity and efficiency. Whether you need nursery, wean-finish or finish feeders, all have been designed to lower labor costs in clean-out and feeder adjustment time as well as to help prevent feed waste.

Customizable for You

  • Single-sided and double-sided feeder models available.
  • Feeders can be used in the center of the pen or as fence-line feeders.
  • Custom sizes are available to better match the feeder to your needs.

Designed for Durability

  • Feeders are made from durable 304 Series stainless steel for long life.
  • Trough lip heights are sized for better pig access to feed – 4.13 inches (105 mm) on finisher and wean-finish models and 5.31 inches (135 mm) on finisher models.
  • Feed saver lip on feed trough and the use of trough divider bars or solid divider panels helps to prevent feed waste as pigs eat.
  • Metal edges are safety hemmed to minimize exposure.
  • Double-hemmed end cap corners and trough edge strengthens high wear areas.

Feeder Models

  • Nursery feeder with u-shaped bar guard divider.
  • Wean-finish feeder with solid divider panels.
  • Finisher feeder with bar divider.

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