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- Model 4 - Dry Pig Feeding Systems



The popular CHORE-TIME® GENERATION 4™ Pig Feeders are outstanding feed management tools for feeding simplicity and efficiency.  Whether you need nursery, wean-finish or finish feeders, all have been designed to lower labor costs in clean-out and feeder adjustment time as well as to help prevent feed waste. These dry feeders can be used in the center of the pen or as fence-line feeders.

Product Features and Advantages

Feeder Adjustment Features

  • Clearly-marked numerical index settings eliminate guesswork in making feeder gate adjustments – now featuring 16 individual settings for precision feeding.
  • All sidewall flanges are formed outward for a stronger, easier-to-clean feeder.

Feeder Features

  • More head space on all feeders.
  • Feeder is manufactured from 304 Series stainless steel.
  • Metal edges are safety hemmed to minimize exposure.
  • Less than nine seconds are needed to adjust feeder gates on entire feeder.
  • Optional drop tube holder helps secure the feed drop tube from an overhead fill system.

Feed-Saving Trough Design

  • Reverse incline on feed trough lip helps prevent feed waste.
  • Easy-to-clean feed trough lip flange also adds strength.
  • V-shaped bottom drains feed-clogging moisture away from feed dispensing area.

Feeder Models

Wean-to-Finisher Feeders

The CHORE-TIME® GENERATION 4™ Wean-Finish Feeders are designed for use in feeding pigs ranging in size from 15 to 320 lbs. (7 to 145 kg) and for up to 10 pigs per eating space. These feeders offer the following additional features:

  • 14-inch (356-mm) spacing is standard for all wean-finish feeders.
  • Solid divider panels in feed trough reduce waste and increase durability.
  • Rolled front edges on divider panels for pig comfort and added strength.

Finish Feeders

CHORE-TIME® GENERATION 4™ Finisher Feeders are designed for use in feeding pigs ranging in size from 50 to 300 lbs. (23 to 136 kg) and up to five pigs per eating space.

Nursery Feeders

CHORE-TIME® GENERATION 4™ Nursery Feeders are designed for use in feeding pigs ranging in size from 10 to 100 lbs. (5 to 45 kg). The feeders handle up to five pigs per eating space on nursery feeders and six per eating space on tall nursery feeders.

  • Early-wean guards are standard on all nursery feeders.
  • Nursery fence-mount feeders are also available.

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