- Model S-90 - For making high quality Premium organic fertilizer

We are the Japanese company of producing the device which can treat Organic Waste to Premium Organic Fertilizer. Following objects are the example of Organic Waste. *Poultry manure (From Layer farm, Broiler farm) *Hog manure (From Pig farm) *Cattle manure (From Cow farm) *Bony parts (From Slaughterhouse, Sea food factory, etc…) *Food waste (From Food factory, Sugarcane factory, etc…) *Food garbage (From Restaurant, Ordinary home, etc…) *Grease trap (From Food factory, Restaurant, etc…) *Sewage sludge (From Sewage treatment plant, Farm, etc…) *Residue of methane plant (From Biogas plant, Biofuel plant, Farm, etc…) *Residue of water treatment system (From Filtration plan, Farm, etc…) *Etc… We can say most of organic matter is treatable by our device.

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