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Specially formulated CicekSera film, that was developed for flower greenhouses to have high quality products, comparing with regular greenhouse films, has outstanding mechanical properties in terms of flexibility, strength and impact resistance. CicekSera films are produced in 2 different lifetimes for 140-160kLy/year regions, 24 months replique rolex daytona and 36 months with thickness' 150microns and 175 microns respectively, cheap jewelry and weight per 1000m2 is between 147-149 for 24M, and 172-175 kg for 36M films.

It has high light transmission and suitable diffusion rate that provides faster plant growth and high quality flower yield in flower cultivation.

Besides its high thermicity(IR) that decreases the heat loss to minimum and AntiFog (AF) property, that prevents forming water droplets on the film; it has Anti-Virus (AV) effect that prevents insect mobility and some fungii development inside greenhouse.


UV (UltraViolet)
UV additive increases the usefull lifetime of the film. Depends on the film thickness, desired life-time of the film and the region that the film will be used, different type and amount of UV Stabilizers are used.

These stabilizers determines the type and life-time of the greenhouse films as 9,12,24,36 and 60 months.


IR (InfraRed)
During nights and cold days, IR additive decreases heat loss by 2-5 0C by keeping the heat inside greenhouse. 
IR additive protects the plants from frost, protects from stres and improves plant development. In addition to these, IR provides energy savings in greenhouse heating.


AF (AntiFog)
AF (AntiFog) provides the moisture condensed on the film surface forming  uniform water layer and this prevents the water droplets falling on the plants.


EVA increases the transparency of the film, provides high strength and flexibility.


AD (AntiDust)
Anti Dust prevents the decrease in light transmission of the film by preventing accumulation of the dust on outer surface of the film.


AV (Anti-Virus)
AV additive prevents insect mobility and some fungi development inside greenhouses.


LD (Light Diffuser)
LD additive provides the some portion of sunlight entering inside greenhouse to be diffused and this results in beter plant development and prevents sunburn of the plants.

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