- Model L3 Series - Knapsack Mist Sprayers



Since 1967 backpack Cifarelli's mist sprayers are the professional choice used in the agricultural field all around the world for protection treatments on plants, orchards, vineyards, horticultures, banana plantations, greenhouses, etc. This kind of mist sprayer equipment is indicated for small extensions or for banana plantations, thanks to the long range of our machines (10-11 metres, covering 98%).

The improvement and the continuous investments that our Company always dedicates to this equipment assure the purchase of a product with updated technology, high quality and product life. In fact, the knapsack mist sprayer for agriculture has been studied for intensive use, being addressed prevalently all over the world, in Countries where the backpack sprayer is the most important treatment mean.

The use of knapsack sprayer equipment (named Ultra Low Volume) allows to effect a treatment of larger protection than the one reached with the sprinkling (knapsack pumps, pumps, etc). Thanks to the micronization (average: 90-120 Micron) and to the air, which carries the chemical product and moves the leaves, you can reach a covering of both surfaces; with the sprinkling, on the other hand, the drops are thrown by the booster pump (average: 200-400 Micron), which, meeting the leaves, treats only one side of them.

The agricultural mist-sprayer allows the working with a product which is more concentrated (then the use of less water quantity).

Due to the variety of chemical products on the market, it is not possible for us to supply a standard; therefore the dilution will have to be asked to the treatement's producer or seller.

In case of needs, our mist-sprayers can be used also as blowers; we can also supply you a suitable pipes kit to improve its use and a vacuum kit.

Best weight/power ratio

Engine: engine from 77 cc to 5 HP planned and produced by us expecially for the knapsack mist-sprayer
Ergonomics: padded shoulder straps and back
Use: without accessories it can be utilised also with exit pipe turned upwards.
Safety: gas lever with STOP and complete protective casing.
Durability: engine with materials for high performances and durability (as chromium plated cylinder) 
Materials: using of advanced materials to combine reliability and lightness. 

Complete and versatile equipment

All knapsack mist sprayers are supplied complete for liquids.
They are supplied with a big range of accessories in order to satisfy all kind of needs. 

 Standard supplies:

  • wide spray jet 
  • 45° spreader (very useful to treat from the bottom to the top the low side of the leaf on brushes that are not so high)
  • spherical spreader to attenuate air to be used inside the greenhouses in order to avoid a big impact of the air on flowers.

Engine : Cifarelli C7
Single-cylinder, two-stroke, air cooled
Displacement : 77 cc
Power : 3,6 Kw (5HP)
Ignition : Electronic
Liquids tank capacity : 17 L
Liquid exit : 0 - 4 L/min
Powder exit (optional) : 0 - 6 Kg/min
Liquid maximum range : horiz. 17 m, vert. 15 m
Air speed : 125 m/sec
Air volume : 20 m³/min
Packaging : Carton box cm 50 x 74 x 37

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