- Model I - Grain Drying Machine



The Circu-Lator 1 is the original unit and is ideal for operations and bins that need capacity of up to 7,200 bushels per day. This unit became the start for development of our high capacity machines. This machine can be used as a continuous-flow system to transfer grain to nearby bins or a recirculating system in stand-alone bins.  If used as a continuous-flow system, the tapered sweep auger moves the grain to the bin’s center and up the center vertical auger to an optional transfer auger for delivery to a storage bin.  During recirculation, the sweep auger removes the dried grain in even layers to the center of the bin where it travels up the center vertical auger as is deposited on the top of your grain. 

The Circu-Lator is engineered for high capacity and durable operation.  A system that combines the reliability of extra tough rugged construction with easy operation, built to keep pace with harvest.  It provides totally automatic in-bin continuous flow drying.  The drying zone of a Circu-Lator is maintained at the bottom of the grain bin.  Therefore, heated air blown into the bin at floor level must travel upward through wet grain to escape.  As a result, the hot air becomes fully moisture saturated before it's exhausted-eliminating energy waste.

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