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Seed drills with integrated passive soil tillage are used whenever relatively cost effective sowing with high work rates is required. Conventional and, of course, more and more, conservation arable farming systems are included in the operational ranges. With the Cirrus, one has a machine, with which it is possible to achieve precision sowing especially in medium to high yielding areas yet with a relevant higher acreage output. 'Cirrus 6001 is a modern, beautifully crafted seed drill, well suited for an acreage output of certainly possible 5 ha/h', is the beginning of the result of the endurance test carried out by the dlz magazine. Tested was the Cirrus 6001 with RoTec+ Coulters. Please load down the detailed article as pdf-file and special print from the magazine dlz 12/2008 here (please hold down the left mouse button).

The Cirrus is equipped with the RoTeC+ Control coulter system. The very even and exactly controlled depth guidance of the RoTeC+ Control coulter is achieved via the Control 25 depth guidance disc with a contact surface of 25 mm. As this depth guidance is fitted on the side of the coulter, this principle operates with more accuracy than coulter systems with a following, rigidly attached separate depth guidance roller.
The combination of the large 400 mm less aggressively angled sowing disc made of wear resistant boron steel and the special furrow former result in reduced soil movement. The Control 25 depth guidance roller provides the basic setting of the sowing depth at shallow seed drilling quickly, easily and comfortably via the coulter pressure.If necessary a notched segment allows for readjustment on the sowing coulter in 3 steps.

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