Cisterns for Agricultural and Viticultural Waste Water



Agricultural and viticultural activities will in general generate waste waters of multiple types, residues of pesticides, remains resulting from the treatment of grapes to produce vine (pressing, vinification, bottling) or the effluents from animal breeding structures. The growing environmental consciousness of the agriculturists concerning the treatment of their wastes leads to the necessity of new developed solutions for the reduction of these contaminants in the environment. The uncontrolled discharge of these effluents are dangerous for the environment. The recommended storage solution for big volumes, which occur often seasonal, is the flexible tank from CITERNEO.

  • From 1 to 25 m³
  • From 30 to 99 m³
  • From 100 to 199 m³
  • From 200 to 299 m³
  • From 300 to 399 m³
  • From 400 to 499 m³
  • From 500 to 699 m³
  • From 700 to 999 m³
  • From 1000 to 1700 m³

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