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Model CJ - Feeders



CJ offers a range of highly reliable feeders with a wide field of application. Due to its uniform construction the motor unit and pendulum are exhangeable, enabling the farmer to use the feeder for early weaning with motor, or apply appetite using the pendulum. For greasy and sticky feed the CJ feeder is recommended (as shown on the picture). The CJ feeder can be equipped with various silos available from stock (5-100 liters transparent plastic funnels). Dosing of the feed can be regulated for each feeder disc, by adjustment of the opening between the silo outlet and the feeding disc.

For outdoor feeding a very robust model can be delivered with an  outside collar around the  feeding disc to protect it from splashing and/or strong winds.The feeders are equipped with a 24 VAC motor unit. A control unit can be supplied with included transformer (230 VAC to 24 VAC). With the included clock and timer the feeders can feed  accurately during a preset period.

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