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Citrullus Colocynthis Cultivation Technology

Colocynth is native to India but has naturalized across tropical and subtropical regions. The Colocynth has incredible nutritional value, low demand for water and prolific growth and biomass production. As the seeds do not form a staple food source, the food for the people or food for fuel issue is argued to be not relevant. Also, the Colocynth is able to grow in marginal lands and has the potential to improve the quality of the soil and is documented as having improved the size and quality of vegetable crops that have been intercropped with Colocynth. The productive plantation of Colocynth needs to be scientifically managed for better growth and production. The growth and yield of the plant could be improved through effective management practices. The enhanced cultivation technology and improved inputs developed by CJP may provide about 3 K liters of biodiesel without displacing food crop and without utilizing prime food land in terms of sustainable farming techniques CJP is happy to

From desert to diesel for sustainable energy
In order to achieve commercial perfection, it is crucial to understand the crop’s requirements, predict its possible interactions with the environment & develop packages of practices for industrial cultivation. The CJP’s Scientists after several year researches have developed low-cost Citrullus colocynthis Cultivation & Crop Care Technology • Improved Agricultural Practices • Varietal Improvements • Enhanced cultural practices • Pest & Disease Control • Intercropping • Going 'Green' with the use of Microbial fertilizers • Fine-tuning practices to soil type, environmental conditions & labor CITRULLUS COLOCYNTHIS Cultivation Technology includes CITRULLUS COLOCYNTHIS GROWING & CARE INSTRUCTION MANUAL An Easy- To- Follow Growing & Crop Care Instructions Manual CITRULLUS COLOCYNTHIS MONITORING & MANAGEMENT SYSTEM DIARY A Very Typical Monitoring & Management Diary CITRULLUS COLOCYNTHIS BIODIESEL BUSINESS PLAN: 100 ha Planning without action is futile, action without planning is fatal

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