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Moringa Cultivation Technology

CJP’s Researchers have developed standardized techniques for growing Moringa oleifera on large scale. CJP ensures Organic moringa plantation right from the land preparation, crop management to production of end product. CJP Moringa Farms are under the vigilant supervision of agronomists, who make sure that the latest and best breed of Moringa oleifera is being planted. However, we keep a close watch on the research results of Moringa breeding by studying thousands of Moringa variants, identifying and collecting the best sources of high-quality to guarantee a consistently high yield, a stem, or scion, from a tree with a demonstrated capacity to produce many pods/seeds. This not only removed the uncertainty from the yield, it also provides multiple harvests within a few months. Accordingly, the enhanced variety of pkm-1 and pkm-2 with regards to seed yield and oil yield and the enhanced MO Cultivation techniques may ensure proper and profitable production of THE OIL CROP

Prospects for profitable sustainability
In order to achieve commercial perfection, it is crucial to understand the crop’s requirements, predict its possible interactions with the environment & develop packages of practices for industrial cultivation. The CJP’s Scientists after several year researches have developed low-cost MORINGA Cultivation & Crop Care Technology • Improved Agricultural Practices • Varietal Improvements • Enhanced cultural practices • Pest & Disease Control • Intercropping • Going 'Green' with the use of Microbial fertilizers • Fine-tuning practices to soil type, environmental conditions & labor MORINGA Cultivation Technology includes MORINGA GROWING & CARE INSTRUCTION MANUAL An Easy- To- Follow Growing & Crop Care Instructions Manual MORINGA MONITORING & MANAGEMENT SYSTEM DIARY A Very Typical Monitoring & Management Diary MORINGA BIODIESEL BUSINESS PLAN: 100 ha Planning without action is futile, action without planning is fatal

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