Tume-Agri Oy

Model CK 3000 and 4000 - Drills Machine



Tume CK is an economic, easy-to-use choice, particularly for lawn farms and organic farming applications where it is not necessary to seed and fertilize simultaneously. Large hopper capacity with centre mass located near the tractor facilitate safe seed sowing even with smaller tractors. With a total width only slightly exceeding the seed sowing width, the machine is easy to manoeuver even in tighter places. The unit is safe to transfer on the road.

  • Computer AgroCont/AgroContPlusAxles rotation control, level control of the hoppers, control of the markers, makes the tramlines for spraying, hectare counter and function of rear harrow. AgroContPlus includes also the fertilizer adjusting.
  • MarkersMakes the driving line for next pull, don’t need to estimate.
  • Agritator shaftEnsure the material flow to feeding units.
  • Wheel Track eradicatorCultivates the tracks of the tractor wheels.
  • Grass seed unitPossible to drill grass seeds simultaneously with grain seeding.
  • Rear harrowSorts the soil structure so, that the seedbed does not lose the moisture.
  • Hydraulic coulter pressure adjustmentPossible to adjust the coulter pressure while driving.
  • Step leverMakes the filling of the hopper easier.
  • Ceramic wearing parts for seed coulterMultiple lifetime.
  • Press-wheelsPress the seed rows.

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