Model CK50 - Mini Fish Farm Aquaponic Option



Would you like a low cost addition to your Mini Fish Farm™ that could greatly enhance its use as a teaching tool while making it even more exciting to your students? The Aquaponics option is a unique hydroponics tray that allows the growth of lettuce, herbs, flowers and other crops in the same tank as the fish! This interaction between animals and plants provides students with the opportunity to study and observe a more natural ecosystem. The kit is constructed of heavy duty ABS plastic and designed to float within the Mini Fish Farm™, covering one half of the water’s surface. It weighs 30 lbs and is capable of growing up to 24 plants. Special screening protects plant roots from foraging fish and the design provides proper tray height above the water. CK50 includes 24 2” net pots, 24 Rockwool cubes, 2 trays and complete instructions. Ships oversize. Aquaponics refill kit weighs 2 lbs and includes 24 2” net pots and 24 Rockwool cubes. Made in USA.

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