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- Model CKA/ - Subsoiler



The subsoiler CKA/ KING SPECIAL, in its versions, has been realized after many working experiences in every type of soil. The special arc-frame offers great strongness and solidity; the high clearance under the frame makes easier the passage of the ground at all depths.

CKA/ KING SPECIAL is supplied with tearing safety bolts of 20 mm and with compact frame for the reduction of the effort of the tractor. 

The versatility of CKA/ KING SPECIAL allows the machine to fit to tractors from 100 to 200 HP. It is possible to combine the machine with back discs or spiked roller. The discs allow the total burial of the organic remains, with considerable economic savings in comparison with the traditional cultivation methods. The roller breaks the too big clods. These two fittings are interchangeable and so they make the machine very versatile. Moreover the machine can be coupled with double back spiked roller with hydraulic regulation in order to satisfy all working demands. The subsoiler CKA/ KING SPECIAL is manufactured with special and certified materials in order to reduce the power absorbed by the tractor.

  • EC safety guards;
  • Suited for tractors from 100 to 200 HP; 
  • Frame in tubular steel 100 x 100 x 10;
  • Clearance under the frame mm 850; 
  • Working depth 300/600 mm;
  • Tines with safety device through tearing bolt 20 mm 12.9;
  • Interchangeable strengthened ploughshares; 
  • Adjustable tines in all positions; 
  • Supporting feet; 
  • Maximum sturdiness.

  • Back spiked roller with mechanical regulation;
  • Back spiked roller with hydraulic regulation;
  • Double back spiked roller with mechanical regulation;
  • Double back spiked roller with hydraulic regulation;
  • Hydraulic back discs (diameter of discs 610 mm);
  • Couple of wheels for depth regulation (in iron or in rubber);
  • Side sweeps of different types.

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