Model CL-5000 - Ventilation Controls Cattle Computer



As the CL-5000 features virtually all possible ventilation controls that occur in modern cattle farming, it enables you to constantly monitor and control the climate in the animal house. The cattle computer has one ventilation group and eight curtain controls. These controls can be programmed individually and are linked to different temperature sensors. The controller raises or lowers the curtains depending on the temperature measured. The CL-5000 also features weather compensation. In conjunction with the weather station and the rain sensor, the cattle computer ensures that any infl uence of rain and wind on the climate in the house is minimised.

The individual curtain controls are corrected based on wind speed, wind direction and rain, after which the corresponding curtains are opened/closed. The weather station can communicate with several houses at a time. To guarantee optimum safety and a long service life of the curtains, the CL-5000 has an anti-crush facility and a daily automatic and short open/close action.

Natural ventilation in an economic manner
  • Climate control in naturally-ventilated houses
  • 1 ventilation group and 8 individual curtain controls
  • Features weather compensation
  • 4 temperature controls and 2 cooling units
  • 6 intensity-controlled timers, optionally with twilight switches
  • Safety guaranteed by an emergency stop and an anti-crush facility
  • All curtains are opened/closed briefly and automatically every day
  • Protected communication with FarmConnect

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