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Scherer Design Engineering offers a complete line of replacement kernel processors for the Claas® brand of forage harvesters.  Standard features on all of our Scherer branded processors include oil lubricated bearings, the original hinge open frame design, modular roll assemblies, single point roll adjustment system.  We have many roll groove options to meet your specific processing and length of chop needs.

All models come standard with chromed rollers that are 2.5” longer than the OEM rollers and oil lubricated bearings, no more piles of grease around your processor. The standard oiling system is a Lincoln Quicklube® system with an option for the air powered Lubrimist system. Since 2011 we have been offering an optional Pneumatic Belt Tensioning System to improve the processor drive system and extend drive belt life.

The roll shaft design has no steps, machined shoulders, holes, or keyways in the roll shafts for greater strength. Roll components are rigid mounted so there are no rubber mounts to wear out and fail. The HD has the ability to handle ALL crop lengths and process the kernel as fine as desired.

All frame components are either plated or powder coated to resist the harsh acidic conditions of corn silage. Designed with simplicity and ease of maintenance in mind, all Scherer processors have the ability to hinge open so you can lift the roll assemblies directly out of the frame. The entire processor weighs approximately 200 lbs more than the OEM model, making it a very rugged piece of equipment.

Our original HD (Heavy Duty) series processor will fit the 491,492, and 493 series machines. We started manufacturing the HD processor in 2002 and have shipped them all over the world. Some of the original 6 processors made the first year still make it back to the shop in the off season for rebuilding.

The next series introduced was the HP (High Performance) series processor, this processor was designed to be fit into the 494 series machine. Our current HP model fits 494 series machines made from 2008-2011. When we introduced the HP we also introduced the air tensioning system for the processor drive. No more “spring and tube” tensioning systems that needed to be adjusted as the belt stretched. The air tensioning system provides constant belt pressure to the drive of the processor ensuring limited belt to processor drive pulley slippage, especially on the flat drive pulley.

In 2012 we released the HPM (High Performance Modified) series processor, this processor fits the 494 series machines built from 2012 through 2014.

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