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Classic Seed Treater


The “CLASSIC” Seed Treater straps to the top side of your drill fill or auger about 3 feet from the intake. (NO HOLES TO DRILL, NO WELDING or even wrenches required.) One end of the hose is fastened to the bottom end of the treater and the other to the safety cage at the auger intake. There – 3 to 4 minutes maximum to install.

“Classic” Simple
SIMPLE – its almost too simple. There is never any reason to come in contact with the treatment. Two inline brass valves are at the base of the treater. The valve closest to the treater is for ON/OFF control. The lower valve is for flow control. Start the grain flowing through the auger and when the desired flow is acheived, use only the top valve to stop treating between batches or refills. The side of the treater is well marked with incremental markings allowing for easy monitoring of the flow rate during treatment. If the treater is mounted on an air seeder mounted drill fill, simply put the drill fill into transport position leaving the treater mounted even while working in the field.

“Classic” Clean
The less you handle your seed treatment – and your treated seed; the better. Some treatments are very messy and even harmful when not handled properly. The “CLASSIC” Seed Treater makes handling treatment quick and easy with a 35 liter tank and a large filler cap so product can easily be poured in. When you use the “CLASSIC” Seed Treater to treat your seed as you fill your drills or air seeder, you eliminate contamination of your regular auger, your truck boxes, and even your grain storage bins. It also eliminates excess treated grain when you are finished seeding. The “CLASSIC” Seed Treater makes treating and inoculating your seed a clean job.


  • For use with most liquid treatments and inoculants, including Vitavaxò.
  • Mounts on most air seeders, grain augers and drill fills.
  • If mounted on an air seeder, it can stay mounted while seeding.
  • LARGE 35-liter tank. GREAT for products that are mixed with water. (i.e.: Inoculants)
  • 2 Brass Valves – (1 for ON/OFF and 1 for Flow Rate). NO MOTORS or PUMPS.
  • Compartment at bottom for storing hose and straps when finished planting.
  • Don’t contaminate your augers, truck box or grain bins!
  • Don’t have extra treated seed left over when you are finished seeding.

Treat your seed while filling your drills or airseeder.

The way to treat seed is with- The “CLASSIC” SEED TREATER.

Easy to Use:

  • Applicator fastens to auger with heavy-duty ratchet straps. NO holes – NO modifications.
  • Applicator hose is fastened to the cage on the mouth of the auger.
  • Fill the tank with whatever Treatment or Inoculant you want.
  • Two operation valves. 1ST for ON/OFF and the 2ND to control the flow rate.
  • Treat the seed as you fill your drills or air seeder. Treat only seed as you will be planting.

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