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Cleaning Root Vegetables - Polishers



Unit used for brush cleaning-polishing root vegetables. The good cleaning requires the initial washing in a drum washer. Product charged into the charge basket is taken by the set of rotating brashes which create rotating dram. Inside the washing chamber are installed water sprinklers. During the drum rotation product is grazing against each other and the brashes. Collected dirt and impurities does not clog the brashes and with the water are transported by the lower screw transporter to the external filter with the water recycling system and the circulation pump. Water is used again in the initial dram washer.

Infinitely variable speed control of the dram and the brashes - adjusted for the capacity and the cleaned product. Brashes are made in shape of the bushing-segments installed on the 14 rotating shafts. Replacement of the brash segment without dismounting whole shaft and dram. After opening the safety covers you can easily clean all elements. Made from stainless steel AISI304. On the picture you can see the unit with individual motor for each brush, drum and also the screw transporter for impurities. Brush length - 2000mm, brush number - 14, capacity depends on washing product - 4-6 t/h, power supply - 5 kW, ~380VAC, 50 Hz.

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