Model Clear 200 - Storage & Transport Concentrate for Cut Flowers


Clear 200 and Clear 200 ULTRA are excellent choices for high volume users to aid in keeping flowers fresh during transport and storage. Both products have the same performance. They just differ in terms of dosage.

  •  contains acidifiers to adjust the pH of the water
  • appropriate amount of nutrients to prevent premature bud opening
  • can be used on all flower varieties
  • aids in reducing scrap and customer credits
  • effective at room temperature and in refrigeration
  • can be used to soak OASIS® branded floral foam
  • clear in all water types

  • remove foliage which will be below the solution level in the container
  • re-cut flower stems with a clean, sharp knife
  • make sure flower stems and containers are clean
  • cut flowers should remain in Clear 200 solution during transport up to selling to the end consumer; change solution at least once a week
  • after treatment with Clear 200 (Ultra), use Flower Food Clear 300 to enhance flower life
  • read and follow label directions

  • Floralife® 200: 1:100 (1 %) - dispense 10 ml per one litre of water
  • Floralife® 200 ULTRA: 1:200 (0.5 %) - dispense 5ml per one litre of water

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