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- Soil Lynx Granular Powders


Clearflow’s Soil Lynx granular powders are applied to areas requiring revegetation and soil tackification. Soil Lynx holds seed and fertilizer in place during wind and rain events. It’s ability to stabilize the growth areas and retain 25% more moisture improves growth characteristics with less maintenance. Use of fertilizers can be dramatically reduced (along with a decrease of nutrients in runoff water) thus resulting in less impact to the environment.

  • Easy to apply, easy to integrate within existing operations.
  • Enhanced growth characteristics, while minimizing seed/fertilizer loss.
  • Enhanced moisture retention
  • Enhanced soil stabilization, cleaner sheet flow
  • Reduced shipping, handling and storage costs.
  • No TDG requirements.
  • Reduced hydroseeding costs.
  • Enhanced performance improves customer satisfaction.

Pond Demucking
Once the area has been sufficiently dewatered using a PR5 Water Treatment System, Soil Lynx powder can be added to the remaining mud to further dewater and tackify the sediment for easy removal with an excavator and standard dump truck. This material can potentially be re-used for revegetation and stabilization applications, further saving money and resources.

Erosion and Dust Control
Surface Runoff Mitigation; Soil Lynx powders, activate with moisture, creating a chemical bond with surrounding soils. This bond reduces the likelyhoodof dust and mitigates surface movement of sediments, reducing the movement of associated seeds and fertilizers. So/7 Lynx can be applied to slopes up to 3:1, creating a porous soil, allowing sunlight, oxygen and water to penetrate, without eroding the slope. When used in high flow or steep slope (greater than 3:1) So/7 Lynx will enhance standard best management practices.

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