Mense Oy

Clearing Attachment To Harvester Heads


The MenSe RT5 is a patented clearing attachment, which can be mounted as an attachment to all harvester heads. It can be used for integrated clearing and harvesting work enabling:

  • reduced total costs
  • better overall quality of the logging residue
  • harvesting work is not hindered by the use of the clearing blade attachment

A new, effective method for mechanized pre clearing – a win-win situation for all

  • Forest owners save costs in clearing work. Due to integrated working phases the harvesting is easier to carry out. Better yields through well-cared-for forests.
  • Forest entrepreneurs can offer larger ranges of harvesting service to its customers. Clearing adds value to harvesting work. Well planned clearing work contributes to increased customer satisfaction.
  • Customers save costs for administrative and organizational extra measures caused by the additional working process.   

Weight     47 kg
Working width     62 cm
Cutting diameter     5 cm
Required oil flow     30-45 l/min
Max. pressure     200 bar

The reciprocal movement of the blade is created through a hydraulic cylinder. The cylinder piston contains an integrated valve changing the direction automatically.
Only one simple on/off valve is required for the pressure line. The pressure line can be branched for example of the valve of the head. The return oil flows directly into the tank line.


The clearing blade is easy and quick to mount and dismount. The equipment includes a quick mounting unit, which is welded onto the frame.

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