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ClickTIF button dripper is designed for orchards and vineyards, greenhouses, nurseries and landscape applications. It provides precise irrigation in soilless media and pulse irrigation. CNL models prevent drainage in low places and operates in subsurface applications. Durable construction protects against woodpeckers and other animal damage. Irrigation of pot-plants: one, two or four outlets.

  • Nominal compensating range: 7 to 60 psi
  • Available in a non-leak model with opening pressures of
  • 6 psi and closing pressures of 3 psi
  • Recommended for orchards and vineyards, greenhouses, nurseries and landscape applications
  • Designed to minimize clogging: protected cross-shaped water inlet, flushing mechanism of regulating diaphragm,
  • strong turbulent flow in labyrinth with continual cleaning and flushing
  • Large water passages
  • Color Coded for identification of discharge and model
  • Chemical resistant high grade plastic material for precision, durability and longevity

  • Orchards
  • Vineyards
  • Greenhouse\Nurseries

  • Regulating pressure range: 7 to 60 psi
  • Coefficient of Variation (Cv): < 3%
  • Check Non Leak (CNL)
  • Opening pressure: 6 psi
  • Closing pressure: 3 psi

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