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The Rain Bird ClimateMinder System is a revolutionary monitoring and control solution for agriculture. Its mobile network technology sends key data directly from the field right to your fingertips via your mobile phone, computer or tablet.

  • Monitors soil, weather, plant conditions and more.
  • Controls water irrigation, even in small acreage plots.
  • Sets up a low cost wireless technology on your field.
  • Enables easy learning and use.


  •  Increase crop yields and quality
  •  Reduce water, fertilizer and chemical application costs
  •  Respond to frost conditions immediately

The ClimateMinder solution is an economic, complete solution that includes the hardware, web based software (no need for additional software), installation and training.



ClimateMinder battery/solar-operated wireless sensors collect real-time soil and environmental data and relay this information directly to our Web Server through a cellular network. Users can access the website from any internet-enabled device to check measurements, set alert and control conditions, or setup custom reports that can be automatically updated and e-mailed on a daily basis. Users can choose to receive alerts via text message, e-mail or phone calls on their mobile phones.

The ClimateMinder solution consists of three parts:

  • ClimateMinder Wireless Network
  • ClimateMinder Mobile Software
  • ClimateMinder Web Server

Features & Benefits

  • Increase crop yield and quality
  • Reduce water, fertilizer and chemical application costs
  • Respond to frost and other climate conditions instantly
  • Control your irrigation pump, valves and fertilizer injectors from your phone, computer or tablet
  • Monitor your field and crop growing conditions in real-time
  • Get notified immediately when conditions change in the field
  • Receive and send daily or weekly reports of your field conditions.

Soil Profiling

To maintain crop health and minimize costs, growers must constantly monitor the concentrations of water and salt at various depths in their fields. Because of the high cost of water, growers try to keep irrigation to the minimum required for maintaining a healthy crop.

Too little or too much water can damage crops and decrease yield and quality. Automating soil profiling takes the guesswork out of irrigation. ClimateMinder constantly measures water and salt concentration at various deptsh, capturing and charting trends over time, and sending instant alerts whenever conditions warrant. this process helps precisely regulate water ans salt saturation at all depths.

Microclimate Measurements

Accurate weather data is indispensable for growers. Some rely on reports produced by CIMIS, but these may not reflect the exact climate conditions in their fields. It might be raining at the CIMIS weather stations, but not in their fields, which may be at higher or lower elevations, and thus experiencing harmful conditions suchas as frost or excessive sun and heat.

Meanwhile, separate microclimate zones within one field can cause significant temperature variations. Different soil types and irrigation zones may also make it necessary to sample soil conditions at several locations. ClimateMinder makes the placement of multiple sensors throughout the field affordable, thanks to its wireless technology.

Disease Condition Alerts

Unique combinations of temperature, humidity and light can help cultivate disease in fields and greenhouses. Mildew, for instance, can form on fruit at certain temperatures and humidity levels. Automated monitoring of specific conditions can alert growers of the need for action.

Advanced Greenhouse Controls

More than a wireless monitoring tool, ClimateMinder is an advanced control system.

ClimateMinder is used internationally for climate control of hydroponic and traditional greenhouses growing vegetables or flowers. Thanks to its patent pending communication infrastructure, growers can remotely and wirelessly control vents, fans, curtains, heating systems, irrigation and other climate control systems within their greenhouse

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