Altuntas A.S.

- Model 501 - Heat Control Device


Climatic 501 is a heat control device which perceives the heat through its sensors and evaluates this heat according to the given parameters and makes necessary controls. By the help of the software in the device the temperature of the environment where sensors are located can be kept at the demanded level.

Inputs and Outputs:

» 4 sensor inputs
» 1 humidty sensor input
» 1 data input for computer
» 1 cooling pad relay output
» 1 heating (radiant) relay output
» 5 fan relay outputs
» 1 alarm relay output


Climatik 501 displays momentary situation of the device and all the arrangements done by you on 2x16 characters LCD monitor in Turkish and in English. Parameters are entered through the keyboard which is below the display. 8 leds which are located on the right side of the device shows the momentary condition of the activated heater, cooler, fan and alarm relay outputs.

The monitor displays the average temperature when you do not touch the keypad buttons.

When a given parameter is got over and it is alarming the monitor displays the reason of that alarm such as : High Temperature, Low Temperature, Sensor Shortcut, No Sensor... The buttons on the keypad have visual features. When they are pushed the function of that button is displayed on the monitor.

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