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Climbing Plants

Climbing plants do not really need a definition as their group name is fairly self explanatory. These plants will climb, clamber or ramble up or over walls, trellis etc. Some will ‘self cling’ and others will need a little help initially with the tying of stems. Some will twine or twist themselves up and around a structure. Self clingers will have aerial root systems which morph or change into clamps that will suck to brick work or fences. Gardeners can use the tendency of climbing plants to grow quickly. If a plant display is wanted quickly, a climber can achieve this. Climbers can be trained over walls, pergolas, fences etc. Climbers can be grown over and through larger shrubs and trees to provide additional attraction.

Our selection changes seasonally with the best time for large flowered clematis being in the spring and summer. We stock honeysuckle (lonicera), parthenocissus (virginia creeper), trachelospermum (evergreen jasmin), jasminum (jasmin), hedera (ivy) as well as many others.

Plants such as pyracantha (fire thorn) and chaenomeles (japanese quince) tend to be unruly or scruffy growing plants which require being tied to a cane for retail tidyness. These are also sold from the climbing plant area.

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