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Model CLN 250-700 - Mounted Loaders



The range includes an extensive series of loaders/excavators for agricultural use that can be applied to any farm tractor. They come with control distributor with relevant valves, safety valves, oil pump and reservoir. These loaders/excavators are suitable for excavation work and for loading material, and come inthe following versions:

Arm rotation

  • 180° with opposed pistons
  • 360° and back with opposed pistons


  • Mechanical
  • Independent hydraulic Vertical
  • Independent hydraulic Fold-out
  • Independent hydraulic Revolving-Extending


  • From ground
  • From tractos
  • With swivel seat


  • First arm: straight or bent
  • Second arm: fixed or telescopic


  • Manure fork
  • Beet fork
  • Log and lumber fork
  • Excavating bucket
  • Ditch cleaning dredge scoop
  • Clamshell bucket
  • Hydraulic rotator

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