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Clod Chrusher



A machine for optimal soil cultivation, saving time and saving costs. The Steketee Clod Crusher is specially developed to prepare ploughed land for sowing and planting once over. This is also the ideal machine for direct stubble cultivation in autumn. So this is a versatile machine, benefiting you year-round.

Rollers with various speeds
The machine consist of a robust frame with rollers, bits or cultivator tines in the front and in the centre. The working depth is continuously adjustable from 0 - 20 cm with adjustable spindles on the main frame. The first roller drives the last roller with a heavy chain with a forward gear (ratio 1 : 2,5). This somewhat restricts the front roller, leading to friction and a smoothening result, breaking the clods. The last roller (crusher roller) is not equipped with a central tube, preventing it from filling up. Behind this crusher roller a adjustable pipe is fitted, bouncing back oversized clods, ensuring that the crusher roller properly does its job. The Steketee clod crusher is a self-driven machine. By not using the tractor PTO the machine can never be overloaded. Additionally, the sub-soil structure is not smeared.

Bits or cultivator tines easily detachable and interchangeable
Two rows of shanks with bits (detachable) of which the shanks with bits are fitted staggered to the first frame bearer, are mounted on the machine. In practice, this provides a better flow through of the ground, therefore takes less power (= fuel) and has a capacity that has so far been unmatched. It is also possible to fit sets of 2 small vibration tines each in the machine in stead of shanks with bits. .
An ideal machine for stubble cultivation
The number of shanks with bits can be adjusted depending on circumstances. For stubble cultivation and preparing for winter sowing, the shanks with bits can be placed in the white-dotted sheath. This allows a broader bit positioning, improving the flow. The big advantage of working with rollers is that weeds and stubbles otherwise accumulating around the bits are brushed off.
The Steketee Clod Crusher combines three functions.
The Steketee Clod Crusher can be used both as spring and autumn cultivation machine without much effort. Using this machine as a cultivator only requires taking off the frame with the rollers with the spindles.

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