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The unique DeLaval Clover liner provides the best of both worlds – superb milk extraction and performance without compromising on teat health. The new patent-pending design makes for a smarter, better-fitting liner with rounded corners and concave sides that puts cow comfort and productivity at the heart of the milking process. DeLaval Clover liner optimises milking performance, taking a firm, gentle and consistent grip on the teat and gently massaging it, maximiing milk extraction and resulting in happier, healthier and more productive cows.

  • Better grip means better milk extraction
  • Better teat-end health – increases productivity, decreases veterinary costs
  • Full contact and grip – avoid slips and liner crawling
  • Superior milking performance – gives fast and complete milk-out

Based on a completely new concept which has combined the best of the existing knowledge, the patent-pending DeLaval Clover™ liner design is the shape of things to come.

The new design optimises milk extraction by ensuring that the liner fits snugly and securely on the teat, and that vacuum in the liner head is always lower than the teat-end vacuum. This ensures that the teat is properly massaged throughout the milking process, leading to fast,and more complete milk out.

In tests against leading competitors, DeLaval Clover™ liner extracted more milk in less time, and dairy farmers who have already started using the liner have reported a reduction in slips and squawks, more comfortable cows and at the same time, better teat and udder health.

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