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Model CMR95 - Subsoiler



The subsoiler is a pulled tool by the tractor, which carries out a quite rough working of the soil, but moving it very deeply, with a vertical cut more than 90 cm deep. The structure of this equipment is composed of a simple but very strong frame, to which are usually fixed one or two high-strength steel shanks, equipped to its lowest part of an enlarger (or “mole ball”). This last one creates a furrow into the subsoil, to drain the water.

The subsoiling, despite being a very simple operation, performs strongly positive effects, in particular regarding the plough pan breaking, for the ground aeration, the reactivation of the  water drainage and the solution to the soil compaction due to the machines increasing weight.

The soil and subsoil milling is carried out homogeneously, without upsetting its organic balance, so the subsoiler proofs to be ideally in complete harmony with the modern minimal labouring techniques. We suggest its use also to break the soil before passing with our ditchers, in the case particular situations arise, like extremely hard and compacted soils for their composition or after especially rainy seasons.

Subsoiler at work

Watch the video of our subsoiler at work!

Technical Aspects:
  • Pulled equipment
  • 3rd category three-point hitch
  • Adjustable depth through the tractor hydraulic lifting
  • Available one or two shanks version
  • Maximum working depth cm 95
  • Fixed central frame
Main Strenghts:
  • Suitable for all sort of soils
  • Its special high-strength steel composition makes possible the use of this equipment in the most difficult situations, with hard and stony soils
  • Avoids the expensive soil turning with a deep plowing.
On Demand:

Rotary adjustable disc.

  • HP


  • Kg


  • Cut depth


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