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- California Mastitis Test Kit



The CMT (California Mastitis Test) is a rapid cow-side test for early detection of mastitis, and for years has been a trusted tool of dairy producers. ImmuCell’s CMT offers the same ease-of-use and accuracy as other brands, but at a lower cost per test. That alone is Intelligent Mastitis Management! But what really makes the ImmuCell CMT brand different is that we seek and provide ideas for using the kit more advantageously.

  • Easy: Anyone on the dairy can administer the test.
  • Proven: Same reliable performance as other CMT brands (data on file at ImmuCell).
  • Fast: Detect clinical and subclinical mastitis in seconds.
  • Cost Effective: Savings per test over comparable products or alternate methods.
  • Rugged: Environmental changes have little effect on performance.

Intelligent Ways to Use ImmuCell CMT

  • Screen entire herd for subclinical mastitis at regular intervals.
  • Use DHIA composite data to ID cows and then use the CMT test to determine which quarter of the udder is mastitic.
  • Monitor lactating therapy to see if treatments are working.
  • Check your bulk tank for elevated SCC’s and address problems sooner: a positive CMTresponse in the bulk tank indicates a herd-wide subclinical mastitis problem.

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